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divers united

After many years of globetrotting, sailing and diving the tropics, Uwahu was born as the brain child of two diving buddies that share a passion for the ocean and marine life. Inspired by the big blue, colourful reefs and majestic underwater life they created a clothing line that would evoke feelings of diving with a whaleshark in the Andaman sea or just relaxing on the deck of a sailingboat watching the sunset reflect on tropical waters.

Today, Uwahu is a fast growing company specialising in casual scuba dive clothing, scuba dive t-shirts, diving sweaters & hoodies, diver boardshorts & dive accessoriers.

Beurswand 3 x (300 x 300 cm):
Uwahu Trade show Dubai

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Beurs Roll-up Exellys

makes us

We commit ourselves to finding the best possible match between your company, your team’s culture and one of our highly qualified consultants.

After having found the perfect fit, we provide our consultants with an accelerated start and guarantee a smooth onboarding in your organization. We keep on investing in their talent through our unique training and coaching programs.

Because we focus on bringing out the excellence in our Exellysts, you are able to stay focused on your core business and growth.

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why we
make a

As a professional you can only develop your talent if your employer trusts you and gives you the space you need to grow and learn. That’s why Exellys is only working with companies that are striving to fully unleash the talent of their team.

When we are matching you up with the right client, you are enrolled in one of our very own training and coaching programs. This means that, while working as an Exellys consultant, we are helping you to bridge your ambition to excellence.

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